WellFest Program Options

WellFest is a full-service, perfectly customized production partner that fits into your company's initiatives, goals, and programs.

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Wellfest-U (monthly subscription)

Implement wellness tutorials into everyday scenarios. Receive online access to an inclusive database of how-to tutorials. Includes live streaming monthly organization wide wellness breaks.

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Wellness Reimagined (quarterly Subscription)

Integrate work + life into culture with custom events and dynamic experiences. We manage full-service coordination and event promotion to ensure utmost employee engagement!

Online how-to tutorials included.


Wellfest 2.0 (all-inclusive)

Annual experiential, immersive events—held in beautiful venues with event headliner, Showga, followed by food, drinks, and featured local vendors for a creative arts and lifestyle experience.

Access online how-to tutorials and quarterly sessions included.